Check out the Recipes coming with the Dandelion Art Desk!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Dandelion Art Desk!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Two Dandelions:
Two Dandelions = Burlap Sheet x4 + Stem Snipper x2
Three Dandelions:
Three Dandelions = Wool x6 + Weed Whacker x3
Five Dandelions:
Five Dandelions = Burlap Sheet x4 + Stem Snipper x2
Seven Dandelions:


Seven Dandelions = Wool x6 + Weed Whacker x3
Cranberry Raisin Cake:
Cranberry Raisin Cake = Cranberry x8 + Raisin x6 + Egg x6 + Wheat x8
Cranberry Icing:
Cranberry Icing = Cranberry x8 + Milk x2
Raisin Fruit Pie:
Raisin Fruit Pie = Wheat x10 + Raisin x6 + Apple x16 + Water x2
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