Check out the Productions of the Walter’s Soapbox Workshop!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Walter’s Soapbox Workshop!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Release Date: 11/08/2015

Pumpkin Helmet:
Pumpkin Helmet = Pumpkin x4 + Hobby Knife x2
Racer Cookies:
Racer Cookies = Wheat x6 + Racer Cookie Cutter x3
Racer Scarf:
Racer Scarf = Fine Wool x10 + Water Bamboo x8
Race Sign:
Race Sign = Piece of Wood x6 + Sticker Paper x3
Heirloom Race Sign:
Heirlooìm Race Sign = Heirloom Piece of Wood x6 + Sticker Paper x3
Racer Jacket:
Racer Jacket = Wool x12 + Fur x12
Wood Polish:
Wood Polish = Lemon x8 + Shellac x2
Heirloom Wood Polish:
Wood Polish = Heirloom Lemon x8 + Shellac x2
Traction Tire:
Traction Tire = Rubber x6 + Wheel Hub x3
Heirloom Traction Tire:
Heirloom Traction Tire = Heirloom Rubber x6 + Wheel Hub x3
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