Check out the Productions of Spice up your farm with Saffron Crocus!

During the next weeks will arrive a new market in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.

Pin Cherry Cheesecake:
Pin Cherry Cheesecake = Pin Cherry x8 + Egg x6 + Wheat x8
Heirloom Pin Cherry Cheesecake:
Heirloom Pin Cherry Cheesecake = Heirloom Pin Cherry x8 + Egg x6 + Wheat x8
Pin Cherry Charlotte:
Pin Cherry Charlotte = Pin Cherry x8 + Sugar x3
Heirloom Pin Cherry Charlotte:
Heirloom Pin Cherry Charlotte = Heirloom Pin Cherry x8 + Sugar x3
Pin Cherry Almond Crumble:
Pin Cherry Almond Crumble = Pin Cherry x6 + Cinnamon Sticks x3
Heirloom Pin Cherry Almond Crumble:

Heirloom Pin Cherry Almond Crumble = Heirloom Pin Cherry x6 + Cinnamon Sticks x3
Butter Saffron Cake:
Butter Saffron Cake = Saffron Crocus x10 + Water x2 + Wheat x4
Syrupy Saffron Donuts:
Syrupy Saffron Donuts = Saffron Crocus x12 + Milk x6
Bodinier Beautyberry Vase:
Bodinier Beautyberry Vase = Bodinier Beautyberry x8 + Wool x12 + Fine Wool x12
Heirloom Bodinier Beautyberry Vase:
Heirloom Bodinier Beautyberry Vase = Heirloom Bodinier Beautyberry x8 + Wool x12 + Fine Wool x12
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