Check out the Productions of Get Your Hands on Fingerling Potatoes!

During the next weeks will arrive a new market in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.

Brazilian Plum Preserve:
Brazilian Plum Preserve = Brazilian Plum x6 + Sugar x3
Heirloom Brazilian Plum Preserve:
Heirloom Brazilian Plum Preserve = Heiroom Brazilian Plum x6 + Sugar x3
Brazilian Plum Sorbet:
Brazilian Plum Sorbet = Brazilian Plum x6 + Lemon Water x2
Heirloom Brazilian Plum Sorbet:
Heirloom Brazilian Plum Sorbet = Heiroom Brazilian Plum x6 + Lemon Water x2
Ponderosa Lemon Strudel:
Ponderosa Lemon Strudel = Ponderosa Lemon x6 + Pie Crust x1
Heirloom Ponderosa Lemon Strudel:
Heirloom Ponderosa Lemon Strudel = Heiroom Ponderosa Lemon x6 + Pie Crust x1
Atlantic Cedar Pet Tub:
Atlantic Cedar Pet Tub = Piece of Wood x6 + Crafting Nails x3
Heirloom Atlantic Cedar Pet Tub:
Heirloom Atlantic Cedar Pet Tub = Heiroom Piece of Wood x6 + Crafting Nails x3
Grilled Fingerling Potato:
Grilled Fingerling Potato = Fingerling Potato x10 + Butter x2
Fingerling Potato Soup:
Fingerling Potato Soup = Fingerling Potato x8 + Broth x1
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