Check out the Productions coming with the Winter Gala Shack!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Winter Gala Shack!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Flavored Lip Balm:
Flavored Lip Balm = Strawberry x8 + Petrolatum x3
Spiced Hot Chocolate:
Spiced Hot Chocolate = Spiced Chocolate Buttons x3 + Milk x12
Safety Cushion:
Safety Cushion = Brown Feather x8 + Wool x16
Pair of Ice Carving Gloves:
Pair of Ice Carving Gloves = Waterproof Rubber Sheet x3 + Wool x8
Pair of Snow Goggles:
Pair of Snow Goggles = Anti-fog Glass x3 + Horseshoe x10
Toboggan Hat:

Toboggan Hat = Pom-Poms x3 + Fur x6 + Wool x16
Curried Winter Soup:
Curried Winter Soup = Tomato x16 + Water x3 + Onion x6
Pepper Jack Cheese:
Pepper Jack Cheese = Swiss Cheese x6 + Pepper x2
Spiced Simmered Corn:
Spiced Simmered Corn = Corn x10 + Pepper x2 + Milk x5
Rasmalai = Milk x6 + Wheat x8
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