Check out the Productions coming with the Santa’s Snowman Workshop!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Santa’s Snowman  orkshop!!  Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Onion Bauble:
Onion Bauble = Onion x8 + Glitter Paint x2
Horseshoe Reindeer:
Horseshoe Reindeer = Horseshoe x6 + Metal Horns x3
Bean Tree:
Bean Tree = Navy Bean x10 + Piece of Wood x8
Heirloom Bean Tree:
Heirloom Bean Tree = Navy Bean x10 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x8
Snowman Hat:
Snowman Hat = Wool x4 + Festive Bobble x3
Rice Crispy Treat:


Rice Crispy Treat = Peach x8 + Rice x8
Heirloom Rice Crispy Treat:
Heirloom Rice Crispy Treat = Heirloom Peach x8 + Rice x8
Candy Corn:
Candy Corn = Corn x8 + Sweet Syrup x2
Sunflower Sweater:
Sunflower Sweater = Wool x6 + Sunflower x12
Feather Wreath:
Feather Wreath = Brown Feather + Woven Straw x3
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