Check out the Productions coming with the Romantic Gazebo!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Romantic Gazebo!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Aloe Lemon Dessert:
Aloe Lemon Dessert = Aloe Vera x10 + Lemon x8
Heirloom Aloe Lemon Dessert:
Heirloom Aloe Lemon Dessert = Aloe Vera x10 + Heirloom Lemon x8
White Lily Centerpiece:
White Lily Centerpiece = White Lily x6 + Display Bowl x2
Love Cushion:
Love Cushion = Wool x6 + Satin Cushion Cover
Spiced Cranberry Rolls:
Spiced Cranberry Rolls = Cranberry x10 + Wheat x10
Rubber Love Ducky:
Rubber Love Ducky = Rubber x6 + Heart Stickers x3
Heirloom Rubber Love Ducky:
Heirloom Rubber Love Ducky = Heirloom Rubber x6 + Heart Stickers x3
Evening Jewelry Set:
Evening Jewelry Set = Twine String x6 + Clam Shell x2

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries = Strawberry x10 + Dark Chocolate Sauce x2
Crimean Iris Hairpiece:
Crimean Iris Hairpiece = Crimean Iris x8 + Hair Comb x3
Clotted Cream Panna Cotta:
Clotted Cream Panna Cotta = Clotted Cream x6 + Milk x12
Black Feather Cushion:
Black Feather Cushion = Black Feather x6 + Wool x6
Summer Pudding:
Summer Pudding = Blueberry x8 + Clotted Cream x6 + Strawberry x10
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