Check out the New Recipes Coming with the Mini Mineral Lick

During the next week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Mini Mineral Lick. Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Rich Scone = Clotted Cream Scone x1 + Butter x1
Clotted Cream Pudding:
Clotted Cream Pudding = Clotted Cream x6 + Rice x8
Devonshire Tea Tray:
Devonshire Tea Tray = Clotted Cream Scone x1 + Swiss Cheese Loaf x1
Clotted Cream Meringue:
Clotted Cream Meringue = Clotted Cream x6 + Egg x6
Strawberries And Clotted Cream:
Strawberries And Clotted Cream = Clotted Cream x6 + Strawberry x10
Clotted Cream Scone:
Clotted Cream Scone = Clotted Cream x6 + Batter x1
Creamy Doughnut:
Creamy Doughnut = Clotted Cream x6 + Doughnuts x2
Clotted Cream Fudge:
Clotted Cream Fudge = Clotted Cream x6 + Clotted Cream x6
Cranberry Charlotte:
Cranberry Charlotte = Clotted Cream x6 + Cranberry Bread x1
Clotted Cream Spread:
Clotted Cream Spread = Clotted Cream x6 + Mascarpone x1
Heirloom Clotted Cream Spread:
Heirloom Clotted Cream Spread = Clotted Cream x6 + Heirloom Mascarpone x1
Creamy Salad Dressing:
Creamy Salad Dressing = Clotted Cream x6 + Lemon x6
Heirloom Creamy Salad Dressing:
Heirloom Creamy Salad Dressing = Clotted Cream x6 + Heirloom Lemon x6
Bottle Cozy:
Bottle Cozy = Felt Roll x1 + Rope x6
Cow Warmer:
Cow Warmer = Bottle Cozy + Hot Water Bottle x2
Highland Cow Toy:
Highland Cow Toy = Fur x8 + Fine Fleece x6
Padded Splint:
Padded Splint = Piece of Wood x4 + Leather x1
Heirloom Padded Splint:
Heirloom Padded Splint = Heirloom Piece of Wood x4 + Leather x1
Cow Splint:
Cow Splint = Padded Splint + Elastic Bend x4
Heirloom Cow Splint:
Heirloom Cow Splint = Heirloom Padded Splint + Elastic Bend x4
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