Check out the New Recipes Coming with the Birdhouse!

During the next week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Birdhouse!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.


Bag of Bird Seed = Bull’s Blood Beet x8 + Strawberry x8
Feeder Wheel:
Feeder Wheel = Radish x6 + Plastic Wheel x3
Bird Whistle:
Bird Whistle = Piece of Wood x6 + Pocket Knife x2
Heirloom Bird Whistle:
Heirloom Bird Whistle = Heirloom Piece of Wood x6 + Pocket Knife x2
2nd Week:
Rope Climber:
Rope Climber = Rope x12 + Wool x12
Bird Plushie:
Bird Plushie = Fur x6 + Colorful Feathers x3
3rd Week:
Water Bowl:
Water Bowl = Mud x12 + Horseshoe x10
Bird Swing:
Bird Swing = Piece of Wood x6 + Plastic Beads x3
Heirloom Bird Swing:
Heirloom Bird Swing = Heirloom Piece of Wood x6 + Plastic Beads x3
Foraging Toy:
Foraging Toy = Pecan x6 + Red Twine x2
Heirloom Foraging Toy:
Heirloom Foraging Toy = Heirloom Pecan x6 + Red Twine x2
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