Cats Are Here! (Coming Soon)

Hey {user}! Say hello to these four American Shorthair Kittens! Marie, Walter, and Gus are excited to adopt one! How about you?

To adopt a kitten you need to prove you can be a great cat owner! Prove your cat owner skills before the others and get first pick of the kittens!

I know how excited you are to adopt your kitten! Let’s get started! Click the Cat Crib to view the Kitten Adoption Race!

A pretty fence to keep your cat from getting too adventurous!
Kittens love running through the cat chute!
Cat Chute      Cat Crib
Cat Crib     Cat Crib
Kitten Raising Manual    Kitten Litter Box
Kitty Litter Mat   Cute Kitten Movies
Furry Kitten Ball   Cat Grooming Brush
Bubble Maker   Heirloom Bubble Maker
Cat Food Dish    Kitten Name Tag
Kitten Scratch Post   Heirloom Kitten Scratch Post
Beaded Kitten Sweater  Leather Mouse Toy
Kitten Rope Toy   Kitten Rubber Toy
Heirloom Kitten Rubber Toy  Kitten Peek Toy Box
Heirloom Kitten Peek Toy Box  Box of Kitty Cheese Bites
Bowl of Kitten Crackers  Healthy Kittycake
Baby Animal Medicine   Bag of Kitten Nibbles
Jar of Kitten Pills  Baby Animal Treat
Toothie Treat  Heirloom Toothie Treat
Pack of Kitty Yum Yums Heirloom Pack of Kitty Yum Yums
Cat Collar  Nutrient

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