Build Your Winter Gala Shack!

Get ready for the most exciting winter gala in the County! Host the county’s most exciting winter gala, and win a baby Toggenburg Mini Goat!

Don’t miss the County’s biggest Winter Gala! It’s Snow Joke! The whole county is coming to the Winter Gala! There’s much and more to do! Time to Cool Off! Your farm is the best place for a Winter Gala! Get in on the action!

Winter Gala BasketWinter Wood Blocks
Gala Shack Tiles  Winter Gala Shack
Cozy Winter Bench Lightens up the mood!
Corner Fence Banner Stand
Coffee Kettle Icicle Spoon
Gala Snow Sled  Ice Chisel Set
Song SheetHot Cocoa Pot

Flavored Lip Balm Spice things up!
Safety Cushion  Hand-ling with care!
Pair of Snow Goggles It’s head over heels!
Curried Winter Soup  Pepper Jack Cheese
Spiced Simmered Corn  Spiced Simmered Corn
Pom-Poms  Petrolatum
Anti-fog Glass  Three Likely Deco:

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