Build Your Summer Grill! (Coming 23/06/2015)

Put Out The Fire! Fire up the grill for your friends and get their best recipes in return!  Invite Friends to the Feast! Friends will leave Recipe Cards when they visit your Summer Grill.  Now You’re Cooking! Your friend picked up a plate of food and left you a Recipe Card! Share some!
The perfect setting for a summer barbecue bash.
New Recipes:
A light and juicy start (or finish) to a meal in the sun.
Soft bread and a flavorful patty slathered in stringy cheese.
New Decorations:
Solid, sturdy and surprisingly comfortable.
Useful resources to help you survive the summer.
New Animal:
Ossabaw Island Hogs have much heavier coats than their mainland counterparts!
New Materials for the Next Quest: “On the Side, Now Occupied”
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