Build Your Riding School!

Build an old-fashioned Riding School on your farm. Host students at the school and collect Riding Badges.

Riding lessons have come to a close! It’s time to tidy up. Complete quests to teach students and collect Riding Badges!

Hitching Post  Training Boots
Riding Badge One stop shop for all your Riding needs!
Riding Badge Horse Riding Helmet
Kids’ Stirrup  Hoof Boot
Polo Wrap  Ostrich Bridle
Kids’ Riding Boots  Buckle Loop
A high quality cushion for high quality products.
Wood Cushion A durable, highly elastic all-purpose clip.


Steeplechase Fence  Wooden Rocking Horse
New Recipes:
A soft brush that animals just love!
Body Brush  Horse Halter
A strong breastplate for ultimate riding safety.
Baby Highland Mini Cow  Adult Highland Mini Cow
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