Build Your Puppet Show Stage! (Coming 07/07/2015)

A story of love and action, in the puppet world! Tip: Each Scene is more rewarding than the last.

Everyone loved that scene, and they’ve left some great gifts for you. You conducted 5 Puppet Show Scenes and won a Baby Arapawa Goat!

Whoops, we need to pack up that Stage! Use the Inventory Tool to store it, or the Sell Tool to sell it!
Want to Conduct More Puppet Show Scenes? The more Stages you have, the more scenes you can conduct!

Invite your friends over to watch a riveting story unfold!

Brings in that bit of elegance.
New Materials for the Next Quest:
The ‘How-To’ for all budding shadowgraphers.
What would shadow play be without it’s screen!
New Recipes:
What is a puppet show without puppet accessories?
A collar for the souvenir puppet dog.
Craft plain puppets for use in your Puppet Show!
The whimsical puppet every puppet show needs!
The Puppet Show Stage could do with these acoustic pads!
New Ask/Post to Friends:
New Animals:
A natural work of art!
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