It’s Party Time! You and your friends worked hard to build the Prank Pedestal! It’s time to start the Prank Parties!

Build a Prank Pedestal on your farm. Win a Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca! The more Prank Pedestals you have, the more Prank Parties you can host! Your friends had a smashing time at Percy’s Prank Parties and left some great gifts for you! Release Date: 15/03/2016
Prank Box Pedestal Top
Fake Fruit  Prank Pedestal
Party Invite Fake Lollipop
Rubber Snake For a Fridge Fright!
Bunch of Googly Eyed Mangoes
Bowl of Colored Cereal Glass of Jelly Juice
Glass of Heirloom Jelly Juice Fake Spilled Milk
Heirloom Fake Spilled Milk Sticky Brush
Pair of Strangely Short Pants
Pack of Colored Cream Fake Orange Sundae
Gelatin Googly Eyes
Natural Food Coloring  Sundae Glass
Lollipop Stick Quick Glue
Cut Paper Dye Pellets
Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca
Pack of Doughnut Seeds Spool of Red Sauce Thread
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