Build Your Pickling Corner!

Pickle your best produce without using Power to earn Pickle Points! Craft the Limited Time Bonus recipes for extra points towards your goal!

Pickle your best produce, and this baby White Southern River Otter could be yours!

Pickling Vat   Sea Salt
Crock Cover   Pickling Corner
Washing up at this beautifully refurbished basin is a delight.
Barrel Basin   Vegetable Garden Wall
Both ornamental and functional, the beautiful Black Willow is one of the first trees to bud in the Spring.
Black Willow Tree   Heirloom Black Willow Tree
Citrus Chutney Heirloom Citrus Chutney
Pickled Bamboo Shoot  Bitter Rind Pickle
Pickled Eggs  Heirloom Pickled Eggs
Pumpkin Nut Pickle Heirloom Pumpkin Nut Pickle
Pickled Onions  Pickled Pink
Spicy Tomato Pickle  Spicy Tomato Pickle
Pickled Candied Fruit  Hot Onion Relish
Cranberry Relish  Heirloom Cranberry Relish
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Add a sweet crunch to any pungent pickle.
Sweet Dill Mustard Seeds
Chili Oil   Exotic Cookbook
Stoneware Crock   Pair of Blue Tongs
The coloring of this playful and clever creature makes it especially rare!
Baby White Southern River Otter


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