Build Your Paper Press!

Harvest your Crops, collect Paper Balls, and win great Rewards! Harvest fertilized crops to find Paper Balls!

Gather Paper Balls and win a baby Mikado Pheasant before time runs out!

Release Date: 08/09/2015

Paper Stacker  Cog Wheel
Smoothing Roll
Let your cheery scarecrow wave those birds away from your crops.
Pinwheel Scarecrow  Paper Boats
Dark, flaky barks, showy yellow flowers and widely arranged leaves!
Buckeye Tree Heirloom Buckeye Tree Elder Buckeye Tree
Goodie Bag Ask/Post to Friends:
Two Paper Balls  Three Paper Balls
Three Heirloom Paper Balls Five Paper Balls
Herbarium Scrapbook   Resin
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