Build Your Gramophone Bench!

Learn from Barbara in her Dance Lessons! Tip: Each lesson is more rewarding than the last!
Each lesson is more rewarding than the last!

Your friends had a smashing time at Barbara’s Dance Lessons and left some great gifts for you! It’s time to pack up this Gramophone Bench! Use the Inventory Tool to store it, or the Sell Tool to sell it.

Classic music, wherever you need it!
Gramophone  Dancing Couple
Gramophone Crank  Gramophone Bench
Music Record  Weight
Sweat Band  Skipping Rope
New Recipes:
Smart Blazer Gentleman Gloves
Ball Gown  Pair of High Heels
Pair of Gentleman Pants Rose Pin
Wrist Sash Gentleman Shirt
Pair of Gentleman Shoes  Pocket Square

Black Tie So that it never comes off!
Shoe Heel Plastic Pin
Tiny Needle Smooth Sole
New Animal:
Baby Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey
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