Build Your Fall Fairgrounds!

Get ready for the biggest fall festival in FarmVille! Win a baby Chinchilla!
FarmVille’s biggest autumn festival is happening right here, on your farm! Host the county, and win a baby Goldbar Chinchilla!

Don’t miss FarmVille’s first fallfestival shower in over a century! The whole county is participating in Croptoberfest! Get in on the fun! Your farm is the best place for a Carnival! Are you ready for this?

Halloween Bale  Wheelbarrow
Strong Pillar  Fall Fairgrounds
New Animal:
Baby Goldbar Chinchilla
Deep Cultivator  Broadfork
Fall Napkin
Pumpkin Hat  Bobbing Bucket
New Decorations:
Wooden Cornstalk Fence A warm little fire in a cosy globe.
Pinecone Lantern Metal Leaf Bird
Fall Leaves Bowl Pumpkin Candleholder
Autumn Pillow
Burlap Pumpkin Metallic Pumpkin
Preserved Leaves Bird Wire
Candle Wick Fall Leaf Stencil
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