Build Your Dandelion Art Desk!

You and your friends built the Dandelion Art Desk! Find more Dandelions for your Dandelion Art Desk!
Win a baby Norfolk Grey Chicken! Win cool decorations and resources!

Earn 3 limited edition Badges in the Keeper’s Journal! Harvest crops to collect Dandelions. Find more in fertilized land and water crops!

Dandelion Basket Seed Painting Easel
Round Brushes Dandelion Art Desk
Dandelion Set of Pebble Paver
Dandelion Fence Crimson King Maple Tree
Heirloom Crimson King Maple Tree
Two Dandelions  Three Dandelions
Five Dandelions Seven Dandelions
Raisin Fruit Pie Cranberry Raisin Cake
Cranberry Icing Stem Snipper
New Animal:
Baby Norfolk Grey Chicken
New Materilas for the Next Quest: “Backyard Art”
Potato Stamp  Spray Paint
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