Feed Adult Ducks to find Crest Feathers! Use Crest Feathers to craft feather flowers! The more Adult Ducks on your farm, the better your chances of getting Crest Feathers.

Find all the Crest Feathers you can for the Crafting Corner! Share some with friends too! Supply Barbara with feather flowers and earn a Blue Astrex Rex Rabbit!

Super Feed Ducks to make them produce more Crest Feathers! Hint: You can make Crest Feathers in the Workshop with Brown Feathers and Crayons!

Feather Flower Display Feather Basket
Crafting Corner Crest Feather
New Animal:
Baby Blue Astrex Rex Rabbit
Crayons  Pink Feather
Blue Feather  Purple Feather
Catching nightmares and filtering dreams with style!
Fancy Dreamcatcher Heirloom Fancy Dreamcatcher
Pet Cushion  Egg Custard
Brocade Ribbon  Sewing Machine
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