Build Your Animal Happiness Center!

Build an Animal Happiness Center on your farm. Inspect your animals’ health and collect Hearty Lollipops. The Animal Happiness Center packed up and left to check animals on other farms.

Complete quests to ensure your animals are healthy and collect Hearty Lollipops. Animal Happiness Center visitors have left behind some Hearty Lollipops for you to collect!

Measuring Scale Grooming Brush
Blue Paint Animal Happiness Center
Hearty Lollipop Doctor Mirror
Healthy Shake Animal Treats
Health Tonic Animal Nail Clipper
Night Blanket Craft Paper
Fabric Scraps Skimmed Milk
Daisy Play Area Calming Fountain
Healthy Shake Patchwork Quilt
Pot Pig Flan
Pumpkin Flan Orange Flan
Adult Shetland Cow
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