Build the Turtle Rescue Station! (Coming 12/05/2015)

 Look what I found on my farm, {user}! Turtles are passing through FarmVille!  Did you also notice the clutch of eggs a mother turtle left on your riverbank?

 We must keep them safe! How do you feel about mounting an egg rescue operation?  Let’s do it! Alright! Take care of those eggs till they hatch and I’ll give you this rare Diamondback Terrapin.
 To the rescue! Wow. That was amazing {user}! You got those babies off to a great start!  I’ll miss them.  Me too, but this will help – the baby turtle I promised you! He’s a friendly little guy.

A base for the turtle conservation drive!
New Animal:
This species of turtle is named for the striking pattern on its top shell.
Materials for the Next Quest:
4 Weeks Recipes:
New Rewards:
Give your turtles a place to bask!
A play pen for turtles who like to think!

Complete Quests to build up the Hatchery and protect the eggs!
Turtle Hatchery
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