Build Santa’s Snowman Workshop!

Earn a Water Sleigh at Santa’s Snowman Workshop. Craft 1 Onion Bauble at Santa’s Snowman Workshop.

Craft to earn Snowman Buttons and win awesome prizes! Collect enough Snowman Buttons to win a baby Red Zamorano Leones donkey! Release Date: 22/12/2015

Candy Canes Rainbow Button
Winter Beanie Santa’s Snowman
New Animal:
Baby Red Zamorano Leones Donkey
Warm Mini House
A snowcovered tree to decorate during the holidays!
Heirloom Bean Tree Apple Placecard
Heirloom Apple Placecard
Horseshoe Reindeer
Snowman Hat Fall Potpourri
Heirloom Fall Potpourri
Candy Corn  Feather Wreath
Strawberry Smoothie Apple Smoothie
Sweet Custar  Glitter Paint
Metal Horns  Festive Bobble
Sweet Syrup  Woven Straw
Warm Mitten  Festive Candle
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