Build a your Stargazer’s Deck! (Coming 14/07/2015)

Get ready for the starry spectacle of the century! Win a baby Mini Donkey
Build a Stargazer’s Deck to watch the meteor shower!Host the county for the spectacle of the century!

Win FarmVille’s first baby Poitou Mini Donkey! Don’t miss FarmVille’s first meteor shower in over a century! The whole county is going starry-eyed over the meteor shower! Check out all the star-themed treats!

Meteor Telescope   Telescope Stand
Learn about and watch the meteor shower from this observatory!
New Animal:
These mini donkeys are one of the cuddliest of the mini species!
Baby Poitou Mini Donkey Adult Poitou Mini Donkey
Materials for the Next Quest: “A Skylight for the Starlight”
Blue Thermos    Paper Fan
Materials for the Next 4 Weeks Quests: “Starry, Starry Night”
Hammock  Star Guide
3rd Week:
Tea Light  4th Week:
Dew Shield
New Decorations:
A bridge that looks like it leads to another world!
Meteor Rock Bridge A wall that twinkles like the night sky!
Meteor Rock Gate Meteor Rock Wall 5 Pack
New Ask/Post to Friends:
Colored Marker Telescope Lens
Soft Bristle Brush Glitter Fabric
Starfruit Slices Twine String
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