Build a Romantic Gazebo!

Walter needs your help setting up a Romantic Gazebo! Collect enough Love Posies to win a baby Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit!

Get Love Posies each time you craft at the Romantic Gazebo! Craft new items to earn more Love Posies for Walter at the Romantic Gazebo!

Date Night Chair Gazebo Pillar
Romantic Adornment Romantic Gazebo
Baby Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit
Valentine’s Archway Sweetheart Balloons
Lovey-Dovey Swing Aloe Lemon Dessert
Heirloom Aloe Lemon Dessert White Lily Centerpiece
Love Cushion Spiced Cranberry Rolls
Rubber Love Ducky Heirloom Rubber Love Ducky
Evening Jewelry Set Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Crimean Iris Hairpiece A rich, creamy dessert you’d love!
Summer Pudding  Black Feather Cushion
Display Bowl Satin Cushion Cover
Heart Stickers Dark Chocolate Sauce
Hair Comb Love Swirl
Balloon Wicker Basket Hamper of Love
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