Birds I View” Quest Preview!

Hey, {user}! I’ve been working on my project with the migrating birds. This is a good opportunity to teach young Percy about them!


Place a Birdhouse   Feed 2 Adult Horse    Water 20 Bull’s

Get 5 Mini Binoculars   Feed 3 Adult Pig   Make 2 Leather Pouch

Harvest 3 Pecan Tree   Feed 3 Adult Cow    Pearl Diving Job.
Get 5 Bird Watching    Gather 30 Power    Make 2 Black Feather

Chicken Coop 2 times   Harvest 2 Pear Tree   Make 2 Hand Mirror
Feed 4 Adult Chicken   3 Pointy Garden Fence   Craft 2 Craft Paper
Get 5 Bandage      Feed 5 Adult Rabbit       Go Fishing 5 times
Harvest 30 Eggplant   Pig Pen 2 times   3 Rope Photo Frame

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