“Birds, Bees and the B&B” Quest Preview!

{user}, friends of mine will be visiting my B&B soon with their families. They’re going to love the renovation I’ve planned for spring!
They are!

Place a Carving Corner.   Buy 1 Baby Ostrich.  Water 20 Blue Squash
Collect 5 Glass Planter.   Fertilize 15 White Lily.   Make 3 White Lily
Fertilize 20 Wheat.    Feed 4 Adult Horse.      1 Pearl Diving job.
Collect 5 Floral Curtain   Feed 5 Adult Rabbit    Make 5 Apple Scone
Craft 2 Colored Egg.     Harvest 30 Blue Squash.  2 Blue Squash Stew.
Collect 3 Carved Daisy Egg  Make 2 Strawberry  Make 4 Orange Cupcake
Collect 5 Springtime   Make  White Lily Bouquet.   Go Fishing 5 times.
 Goat Shelter 2 times     Feed 3 Adult Cow   Make 2 Brown Drapes
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