Almost Farm-ous Quest Preview!

Guess who’s heading over after hearing how well we take care of our animals? A reporter from the popular farming magazine, InSoil Weekly! That’s news! Her name’s Lauren and she wants to feature you and your farm in next week’s issue!

Release Date: 19th May 2015 to 02nd June 2015

Have a Turtle Pond.   Feed 3 Adult Cow.   Water 15 Currant.
Collect 5  Boots.   Feed 4 Adult Duck.  Make 2 Swiss Cheese
Use 5 Farm Hand.   10 Neighbor  Make 2 White Currant
Get 5 Fountain Pen.   Harvest 20 Lily.  Make 3 White Lily.
Pig Pen 2 times. Fertilize 20 Strawberry. Make 3 Strawberry
Feed 4 Adult Goat.  Harvest 20 Currant.  Make 3 White Egg Salad.
Collect 4 Cowgirl Hat.   Harvest 4 Tree.   Make 5 Apple Scone.
Wheel 2 times  Feed 4 Adult Sheep. Make 2 Strawberry Cake
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