“A Race Like No Udder” Quest Preview!

Howdy, Neighbor! Hi, Marie! Have you seen mini cows run with those tiny legs? They’re CUTE! You betcha! I’m so thrilled that my mini cow is going to run in the Mini Cow Derby!

Buy 1 Mini Cow.    Water 15 Sugar Snap Peas     Craft 2 Half

Get 5 Mini Cow                   Use 5 Farm Hand       Perform 10 neighbor actions

Feed 4 Adult Mini Cow Gather 10 Clotted Cream   1 Foraging job.
Get 5 Mini Cow         Collect 15 a Fig.       Craft 4 Fig Cake
Feed 4 Adult Goat        Craft 4 Blue Glaze            3 Cheddar Loaf
Gather 20 Peach           Craft 5 Peach Lemonade     Craft 3 Creamy Salad
5 Mini Cow Trophy           Craft 3 Lasso         Go Fishing 5 times
Chicken Coop 2 times          4 Blueberry Tart.     Make 4 Beaded

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